5-5/8 Roofers Tape



5-5/8 Reveal

Roofers Measuring Tape


The Roofers Tape 5-5/8 or 11-1/4 layout makes it a great tool for Roofers who install 5-5/8 architectural shingle roofs.

Quick & Accurate


Roofers can mark and layout roof quickly & accurately without mistakes using the red points and red arrows as a guide. Whether Roofer prefers to mark at 11-1/4, 22-1/2, or 45. All and more are on the 25ft. tape.

Save Money

 The Roofers Tape 11 1/4 layout will save one square of shingles on a 44sq. ft. roof. a savings of $

Roofers who use the 11-1/4 mark on The Roofers Tape instead of the 11 inch mark on a standard tape will save one square of shingles on a 44 sq. ft. roof. Average savings of $150 on materials and labor per job!

5-5/8 Reveal


The Roofers Tape 5-5/8 layout reveal complies with factory recommended installation, especially with wind damage. The Roofers Tape has a one year guarantee. 

An Extra Bonus


The Black Points are an extra bonus on The Roofers Tape because, they are for marking short vertical starter lines or bond lines on standard 3-tab shingles six-inches before all even three feet.

Is the Tape Durable?


The Roofers Tape is sporting the Black Classic Edition, and weights one pound. Has a .0045 blade, a triple rivet end hook, a positive lock, a heavy duty spring, and has an impact resistant ABS plastic case. Is proudly made in the USA by US Tape.

The Solution


The Roofer Tape has the solution for installing shingles on the 5-5/8 reveal, with a simple layout system of red points and red arrows at 5-5/8 intervals throughout the 25ft. blade. 

All leading brands of shingles such as GAF,  Certaineed, Tamko, and Owens Corning, have a 5-5/8 reveal. But roofers today still use a standard tape to mark off roof on 11" inches, or every other line. Although, this is easy to understand and is in use, Roofers are losing 1/4 inch per mark, and are using more shingles than what is needed to complete job.

Every Line or Every Other Line or any Chalk Line Layout

If Roofer prefers to mark and layout roof on every line he will mark both red points and red arrows. But, if he chooses to mark and layout roof on every other line he will mark red arrows only. The Roofers Tape enables Roofer or Installer to mark at any 5-5/8 intervals. Examples: 11-1/4, 16-7/8, 22-1/2, or at 45's or any where on blade up to 300 inches on 25ft. Tape 

Shingles with a Six-Inch Reveal

The Roofers Tape is a great tool for marking and laying out roof for standard size shingles too, because the feet inches on the standard tape are not on The Roofers Tape, except at all even feet. The feet indicators enable the Roofer or Installer to mark and layout roof on every other line that has a six-inch reveal. For example the Atlas Prolam shingle has a (6") six-inch reveal.

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