Setting A New Trend In The Roofing Industry

Invention Company

     Jobecca Innovations is a new invention company owned and operated by Joseph & Rebecca Greenway. Joseph started his own roofing company (Greenway's Roofing) 20 years ago and has 30 years of experienced in Residential and Commercial Roofing. 

    With his experience of using a standard tape to mark off roof at 11 inches, or every double number (example 11, 22, 33, 44) he discovered this standard layout of 11 inches causes all rows on chalk line to be installed on 5-5/8 reveal, and all bonded lines to be installed on 5-3/8 reveal thereby, losing one-quarter inch (1/4)  per every 11 inch mark, or every other line layout. Whereas, Joseph and his crew was installing an extra square of shingles per average 44 sq. ft. roof (equal to 1 or 2 rows of shingles) on roof that was not needed to complete job. 

      Whereas, in his spare time, Joseph, worked designing a layout for a tape measure with a  5-5/8 reveal that could help him save money and minimize waste. Today Joseph is saving money on materials, labor, and his crew members can layout and chalk roof quickly without mistakes. 

      Joseph realized this tape is a great tool for Roofers, and an excellent training tool for beginners. Whereby, Jobecca Innovations was created. Jobecca Innovations is now working to set a new trend in the Roofing Industry by presenting this problem, and giving a real tangible solution with the Roofers Tape. Thereby, creating change with the installation of 5-5/8 architectural shingles, which are 90 percent of most shingles available today. 

      Shingles are made with petroleum-based products, and slow to biodegrade in landfills. One of Jobecca Innovations many goals is to provide the roofing industry two ways to save. One in $$ amount and two is to Go Green and leave a smaller footprint by using fewer shingles. 

 *SIMPLE* Innovation Made Just for You "The Roofer"